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作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2021-3-1 08:20     标题: SENEWS-2021-03-01

SENEWS-20210301 Report

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作者: Calebzhang    时间: 2021-3-1 22:49


A resent public apinian study finds that the most black Americans who attend relages survises go to ones that a mostly black.   How evey,the same study sugegest those who answer the apenian study whould like their relage centers to be come more resuly divers.   And to sequashle the qualety.   The pew recerch center organize the apenian study that included eight thousands six hundred sixty black adults across the United States.   The study found,that black Americans attend releges centers more right derelly,and pramor aften that Americans do as a holl.   The study also found,that among black adults who attend releges surveises sixty persent attended once in which the top relages leater and most of the congregation are black.    Twenty five persent apart of congrapart ygations meet up of many reshle grops well thirteen persent apart congugations that are mostly white or another athenake grop.


Renust weather relagen is very important in their lives,fifty nine persent of black Americans said yes.   In conpereson,forty persent of all US adults,answered yes.    Asked if they pread everyday,sixty three percent of black respondence said yes,conper with forty four percent over all.    The pew study also spoke to thirty black releges workers.   Some of them predect at atendence at black relages centers will decres while motareshal congregations will incres.

public opinion study; religious services; ones that are mostly block;
However,  to become more racialy diverse.   to seek racial equality.   atten religious centers more regularly, and pray more often than Americans do as a hall.  another athelic group.
  When asked whether religion is very important....

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