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NPR NEWS 20210303
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Live from NPR news I’m Jack Speer.

President Joe Biden today announced the US is up in the ante in the battle against the corona virus in a major way.
“We are now on track to have enough vaccine supply, for every adult in the America by the end of May.”

And speaking at the White House today, the President said he is confident his administration will be able to honor the pledge he made shortly after taking office, for the major uptake in vaccine production including the approval of a third candidate from Johnson & Johnson.

“There will be 100 million vaccination shots administered in my first 100 days in office. We’ve got half way to that goal and 37days and I feel confident we will make it all the way.”

Latest goal in terms of vaccine production comes as the administration announced today Merck & company will help produce rival Johnson & Johnson’s new vaccine, Biden also said he will use the powers of the federal government to direct all states to prioritize the vaccination of teachers.

FBI Director Christopher Wray today called the January 6th attack on US Capitol domestic terrorism. NPR’s Brian Naylor reports Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Testifying for the first time since the attack, Director Wray says he was appalled by the violence and destruction of that day.

“That attack, that siege was criminal behavior, plain and simple, and it was a behavior that we, the FBI viewed as domestic terrorism.”

In Wray’s words, quite a number of the some 280 people who have been arrested on charges related to the attack had malicious or white supremacist connections. And today he said there’s no evidence that anyone connected to antifa had been involved. Wray said that domestic terrorism was metastasizing across the country, and he defended the bureau’s sharing of intelligence in the days leading up to the attack but conceded what happened on January 6th was not an acceptable result. Brian Naylor NPR news.

The Biden administration is imposing sanctions on seven Russian officials, among them the former Prime Minister and top security official, who aims to punish Russia for nerve-agent attack on leading opposition figure, more from NPR’s Michele Kelemen.

The new sanctions along with some similar measures in Europe are meant as a signal to Russia after the attempted assassination of Alexei Navalny and his jailing early this year. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price puts it this way.

“This kind of behavior is not acceptable, we will not countenance it, we will not tolerate it, and there will be penalties going forward.”

Seven Russians were added to a US blacklist, meaning the Americans can’t do business with them, they include former Prime Minister Sergey Kiriyenko, now a Kremlin aid, and the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service FSB Alexander Bortnikov. Michele Kelemen NPR news Washington.

Stocks took a bit of breather today, the Dow was down 143 points, the NASDAQ closed down 230 points today.
You are listening to NPR news.

Texas has become the largest state to do away with a mask mandate. The ruling was put in place there last summer to slow the spread of the corona virus and had only been loosely in force. And today republican Governor Greg Abbott said Texas will be doing away with it entirely, new rule takes effect March 10th, Governors nationwide are beginning to ease corona virus restrictions despite warnings from health experts.

Bunny Wailer, an iconic Jamaica reggae singer who founded the Wailers with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh has died. NPR’s Andrew Limbong reports Wailer died this morning in Kingston at the age of 73.

There was something undeniably charming about the way the Wailers ‘voices mixed together. Something that didn't come easy as Bunny Wailer told NPR in 2016.
“During we were in Wailers that we are always rehearsing, always, until we get parted.”

Bunny Wailer was born in 1947 and even after he parted with the Wailers in 1974, he continued on with a successful solo career. In a statement Olivia Grange Jamaica’s Minister of Culture called him one of “the pioneers and standard-bearers of our country’s music”. Andrew Limbong NPR news.

The main US oil industry lobbies are apparently rethinking its position on setting a price on carbon emissions that would represent a major shift for the American Petroleum Institute, once a long standing opposition to mandatory government climate policies. It’s going to report by the Wall Street Journal the possible endorsement of so called carbon pricing comes as European members have been lobbying.  

I’m Jack Speer NPR news.

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