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标题: [AP news in a minute] AP 2021-03-11 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2021-3-11 07:10     标题: AP 2021-03-11

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作者: yang741023    时间: 2021-3-11 11:19     标题: [Homework]AP 2021-03-11

the us house give fianl approval for 1.9 trillion dollar covid-relief bill.* year party-line vote,signing the president joe biden for its signature. the bill give the new president and democract of victory after 7 weeks after he took office.
the national hub of disease vaccine, says the us could take significant step for return pre-pandmeic normal, * refer the country richest hurt the unity. doctor * says invest estimate enough people are * ending operatate brench again 70 and 85 percent of the population of the year expected in late summer or early fall.
a denfense attorney says three other officers charged the death of gegorge folorida will not testify in the case of former apollas police offical shoven. deannouncement jury selecton continues for shoven's trail at second grade murder and manslughter charges.
a weather system brought heavy rain in southern california will much areas of burn by wildfires. hte storm also brought snow the california moutains for covered * eagle *.

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