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标题: [AP news in a minute] AP 2021-06-06 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2021-6-6 07:10     标题: AP 2021-06-06

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作者: yang741023    时间: 2021-7-2 11:13     标题: [Homework]AP 2021-06-06

the world richest countries signed landmark global agreement to confront tax burdens and make giant tech company take their fair share. finance minister from group seven leading industrialize nation  signed the agreement on the second and final day meeting in x comical resupply;service mission  has successfully adopted the international space station on Saturday. it was carrying thousands of tiny sea creatures apply finding to space experiment and powerful solar. it's the fifth spaceship currently part of the international space station.
north Korea leader * presided over a meeting of his ruling party in his first public appearance in about a month. * called for large political conference discusses efforts of salvage  the economy.

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