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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-08-04 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210804
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Live from NPR news in washington, I'm Jack Spear.
1.President Biden now says he thinks New York governor Andrew Cuomo
should resign.NPR Mike XXX reports on the president first comments following today's release of an independent report.It finds democrat governor sexually harassed 11 women. Reporters were quick to ask president does he stand by his earlier statement Cuomo should step down if an investigation confirmed allegations of sexual harassment. He said yes. He should resign.
I understand the state legislature may decide to impeach. I don't know that for a fact. This after the New York Attorney General announced that the investigation found that Gov. Cuomo sexual harassed multiple women. Many of whom work in state government.Investigators also say he tried to retaliate against one of accusers. Cuomo denies the charges. He maintains the facts are much different than what has been portrayed.
XXX NPR news Washington.

2.Florida has again set new record today for the number of people hospitalized with Covid. NPR XXX reports despite the rising numbers Florida' government is downplaying this urging. Florida governor Ron DeSantis says while hospitals in some parts of the state received more covid patients than ever. In Miami, COVID missions are half of what they were last year. He fired back at a reporter who asked with a face mask might help protect children. We're ending up hospitalized with Covid you're blaming the kids saying they weren't wearing masks, so they're in ICU with all due respect. I find that portable to blame victims. The DeSantis accused of the media of hysteria reporting on rising hospitalizations.
XXX NPR news, Miami.

3.One police officer is dead after what law enforcement officials for  now describing only as violence incident near Pentagon this morning.
NPR XXX reports a brief lockdown at Pentagon has been lifted. An law enforcement official tells NPR that the officer died after incident at transit center in Virginia near Pentagon. The authority has released few details about the incident.  The chief of  Pentagon police what he could say said the officer was attacked on the bus platform, at 10:37 Am local time.  Gunfire was exchanged,
and there were several casualties. The FBI is investigating. In a statement, the agency said it would be premature to speculate on motive.It's said there is no ongoing threat to the public. XXX NPR news, in Washington.

4.The group of US senators have been working to pass together 1 trillion dollars infrastructure improving package, and focusing on trying to sell the plan to the american people. The key vote is expected this week. They could help push measure closer to the finish line. The five democrats and five republicans who call themselves the G10, for gang of ten. Appealing to the wishes many voters,were more bipartisanship in congress along with better airport, roads, and internet service without raising taxes.

5.On wallstreet, the Dow is up 278 today, you're listening to NPR news.

6. The head of wallstreet's main watchdog group, the Securities and Exchange commission, says investors need more protection when it comes to crypto currency market. SEC' Gary Gensler saying the crypto currency market quote rife with fraud, scams and abuse.appointed by President Joe Biden regulates securities markets, listed several areas of concerns regarding crypto currency,
including -- money laundering, extorting payments via ransomware hackers.
There're for xxx avoid taxation. Gensler has been viewed as receptive toward crypto currency and other new financial technologies after a stint as a professor at MIT.

7. Boeing's Starliner Space Capsule have to wait at least one more day before launching from Cape Canaveral in Florida. From member station WM XXX reports engineers discovered an issue on the capsule before launching Engineer run a health check on Starliner late yesterday after electrical storms rolled through Florida's space coast. A valve on capsule propulsion system was in unexpected position so Boeing called off the launch attempt. The capsule has designed to take astronaut to international base station and back but for this mission, there will be no crew on board. Instead of the test flight to approve vehicle is safe and will provide data to NASA to certify for after launches. If this issue is resolved, Boeing could launch the spacecraft tomorrow.
With the plane docking to the station about 24 hours after launch. From NPR news XXX of Kennedy Space Center.

8.Crude oil future prices continued to lose ground today,made high worries about Delta Corona virus and whether spread in China could cut back global oil consumption. Crude oil price fell just under 3% to settle 70.56 barrel in New York.

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