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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-09-19 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210919
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01. Live from NPR News, I'm Janine Herbst. The Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, met with NATO military leaders in Athens today over the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. More than 120,000 Americans, Afghans and others were flown out of the country during the chaotic airlift in the days after Kabul fell to the Talaban. 1000s more though were left behind and many have fled to the borders, but Admiral XXX, Chair of the NATO Military Committee says right now no NATO operations are being considered. The time we'll learn whether or not NATO is then willing, the Alliance is willing to conduct an operation, a CT operation. But for now, that is not on the agenda. Human rights and refugee groups are urging the EU to step up the help for other people still trying to flee Afghanistan. Greece's defense minister says allies have to ensure the safety and security of at risk Afghans who remain in the country and must prevent the humanitarian crisis.

02. After a month long hiatus schools, high schools in Afghanistan have reopened, but only for boys. And on the order of the Taliban run education ministry, the government though hasn't yet indicated when teenage girls can resume classes. NPR’s XXX(Razoo Rezvani) has more. Some Afghan girls returned to primary schools with gender segregated classes on Saturday, but high school girls do not yet know if or when they will be able to resume their studies. The Taliban insists it has evolved its attitude towards women. But their policies so far, echo the past. The partial school reopening comes a day after the Taliban officially replaced the ministry of women's affairs with the vice and virtue ministry. In years past that department was tasked with enforcing the Taliban’s extreme interpretation of Islamic law. XXX NPR news, Islamabad.

03. The CDC says it's investing more than $2 billion from the American rescue plan to better protect healthcare workers and vulnerable patients from infections including COVID. Sam XXX of memorization WABE he has more. CDC head Dr XXXX Rochelle Wollensky says Multiple studies have shown substantial increases in infections in healthcare settings during the pandemic, setting that years of progress to reduce them. “Infection Prevention and Control saves lives across the healthcare sector, whether stopping the spread of SARS COVID II, or containing the spread of many other infectious diseases such as drug resistant infections.” XXXX says the money will be handed out to 64 State Local and Territorial Health Departments over the next three years, to help better track infections and to train healthcare workers how to prevent them for NPR News, I'm Sam XXX, in Atlanta.

04. The Biden administration is finalizing a plan to expel many of the 1000s of Haitian migrants who suddenly crossed into a Texas border city from Mexico and fly them back to Haiti. It's a quick response to Dalas gather under a bridge. This is NPR.

05. The CDC is warning Americans against travel to Guatemala during because of surging COVID cases in that country. Meanwhile, the Guatemalan government has replaced its health minister for the third time since the start of the current administration, Rio Martin has more. Guatemala’s new health minister is Fransisco coma, formerly the vice minister in charge of hospitals that are heavily saturated due to the surgeon COVID-19 cases. Former Health Minister Dr. XXXX resigned in the midst of heavy criticism of the country's pandemic approach, which ranks among the worst in the Americas for COVID cases at vaccinations. XXX also came under attack for a nearly $80 million contract she signed to obtain the Russian Sputnik vaccine, just the fraction of which has arrived so far. And XXXX refused to make the contract public. She now says contract details will come to light for NPR News, I'm XXXX in the Guatemala.

06. In California, the world's largest tree in the Sequoia National Park has been wrapped in a type of material to protect it from the wildfire raging through the area. Officials say it looks like aluminum foil, but that it's closer to the tent like fireproof shelters that firefighters use as a last resort to save themselves when they're caught in a blaze. The tree named the General Sherman stands 275 feet tall and has over 36 inches in diameter at the base that wrap protection isn't widely used though because it's expensive, and it's hard to install. I'm Janine Herbst NPR News.

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