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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2021-09-20 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20210920
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01. Live from NPR News, I'm Janine Herbst. Immigrant rights organizations are criticizing the Biden administration's decision to start sending migrants from a massive encampment underneath the Del Rio bridge on flights back to their home countries. Texas Public Radio Dan Katz reports the 14,000 migrants are mostly from Haiti but many have been living in South and Central America for years. Flights have been conducted under a part of us health code called Title 42 The Trump administration enacted at the start of the pandemic to begin expelling migrants, claiming it would stop the spread of COVID-19. And the Biden administration has continued it, Claire XXX with Human Rights Watch. It’s abroad consensus that sending people back on flights to Haiti, via the use of a so called Public Health expulsion order is absolutely illegal, is an example of bad practice around the world in terms of cutting off the right to seek asylum. A federal judge blocked the Biden administration from using title 42 to expel migrants last week. That injunction is slated to go into effect at the end of the month, I'm Dan Katz in San Antonio.

02. More than the 100 world leaders are heading to New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly this week. Afghanistan and its border crisis and security threats will be among the topics for the world leaders. UN Secretary General Antonio XXXX says the world can't continue business as usual, “we need to change course. And we need to wake up. So my message to the leaders :wake up, change course, unite. And let's try to defeat the enormous challenges we are facing today.” President Biden addresses the Group on Tuesday, focusing on the pandemic, climate change and human rights abuses. Biden will also hold a virtual COVID-19 summit Wednesday and then meet with Pacific allies at the White House on Friday.

03. Authorities have found a body in Wyoming believed to be that of XXX Patito who went missing on a trip with her boyfriend. FBI spokesman, Charles Jones. “Earlier today, human remains were discovered, consistent with the description of Gabrielle Gabby Petitto. The grim discovery made in a section of Grand Teton National Park where crews have been searching for the 22 year old. She disappeared during a cross country trip in a converted van to visit national parks with her boyfriend, 23 year old Brian Laundry. Police say Laundry was alone when he drove the van back to his parents home in North port Florida on September 1st. He's now considered a person of interest and his whereabouts are unknown.

04. In Texas a military training jet crashed in Lake Worth, a suburb of Dallas. Authorities say both pilots were ejected before the plane crash and are injured. One of their parachutes got tangled in powerlines. Three homes were damaged in the crash. The cause is now under investigation.

05. In Canada it's the final day of campaigning ahead of Monday's elections and the polls are close. Campaigning today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who call XXX The snap election today warned that his conservative opponent could weaken the battle against the pandemic. Conservative leader Erin O'Toole is refusing to say how many of his party's candidates are not vaccinated. Many vaccinated Canadians are becoming increasingly upset with those who refuse to get the shots.

06. Streaming services are dominating the nominees of this year's Prime time Emmy Awards. The live in person ceremony will be broadcast and shown on demand this evening. It starts in less than an hour, NPR’s XXX has more. The Netflix series of The Crown is nominated for 24 Emmy Awards. Its fourth season featured Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth and Emma Korean as Princess Diana. Both are nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. In the comedy categories The Feel Good series Ted Lascaux from Apple TV plus is expected to sweep. Jason XXXX is nominated for his starring role as a folksy American coaching and English soccer team. In the mix for lead actress, MJ Rodriguez from the FX show Pose has already made history. She's the first trans Emmy nominee in a major acting category. Mandali Delbanco NPR news.

07. US futures contracts are trading lower at this hour. ???Dow’s just contracted down about two tenths of a percent. I'm Janine Herbes, and you're listening to NPR News.

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