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关于sole power

以下是昨天VOA NEWS中的一段:


He said he told the U. S. officials Mr. Musharraf will no longer have the sole power to make security decisions.




sole :Of or relating to only one individual or group; exclusive,独自的,绝对的。如:The court has the sole right to decide.


sole power 独自拥有的权力。





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原帖由 滴水穿石 于 2008-4-1 01:31 发表 我找到了一个在线看CNN的网站,但是我想把视频录制下来,这样能多听几遍,该怎么做呢?




我看到先前的帖子有使用国际音标的,但我用 BitMan听写软件生成的RTF或DOC格式的文件中的音标贴到这里后却变成了乱码。




casually / 5kAVjuEli / 是不支持或不兼容呢,还是我的方法不对?





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这是20080406NPRNEWS中Hillary Clinton的一段话:


"It is neck and neck. It would be, like saying, we've got two minutes to go on the clock, let's quit."



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Charlton Heston

这是20080407NPR NEWS中的一句:


With his chiseled jaw, muscular build and sonorous voice, Charlton Heston was destined for panoramic movies.


查尔斯 赫斯顿下颚轮廓分明,体魄健壮,嗓音洪亮,……






请问后半句怎么译?是“生来注定要做电影演员”吗?panoramic movies确切含义是什么?

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什么是panoramic movies“全景电影”?

什么是panoramic movies(全景电影)? Ben Hur, Planet Apes, Tom&Country, Order, Cats&Dogs以及文中提到的Ten Commandments是panoramic movies吗? 词典上查不到,Google也无结果。


对char changes,我也听出来不对。就用音标查字软件“DICT”查“长”这个发音的单词。碰到这样的情况我是锱铢必较的。






The 7 billion dollars will come from an investment group led by TPG Capital at Texas-based private equity firm. Washington Mutual, known as WaMu, has been one of the nation's largest lenders of home mortgages including subprime loans which made up nearly 7% of its portfolio.




我将WaMu听成"one of",一是对这个专有名词不熟悉,二是以为是上例一样的播音员的口误,因为后面又有一个"one of"。


20080410NPRNEWS中: House Republican leader John Boehner says any vote to delay consideration of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement would violate the spirit of the law and, quote, "be cheating."


这里这个quote(“引文开始”)是used in the root form to introduce the gegining of a quotation. 一开始怎么也想不到,当然也听不出来。这就要靠慢慢磨耳朵了。

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  • mutonghengdi








原帖由 北星束 于 2008-4-23 23:07 发表 谢楼上~~ 再问:今天BBC出现的parapolitics什么意思俄。。。中文该怎么翻译?


The term parapolitics was first conceived and elaborated by Professor Raghavan Iyer of Oxford University in his work Parapolitics: Toward the City of Man. It goes beyond the confines of past and present modalities of encounter and embraces a richer view of the political than is found in the politics of stability, power and self-preservation.

Parapolitics is best understood as the noetic activity of continually rethinking the foundations as well as the frontiers of political principles, systems and issues.

原帖由 brightu 于 2008-4-27 10:39 发表 para- 1 beyond  the paranormal (=strange unnatural events, beyond normal experience)2 very similar to something  terrorists wearing paramilitary uniforms3 relating to a profession and helpin ...



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关于labor Day

昨天的NPRNEWS中有“Asked about Senator John McCain's proposal for a gas tax holiday between  memorial Day and Labor Day, Mr. Bush said he was open to discussing any ideas, but declined to endorse the proposal.”


这里的Memorial Day Memorial Day是美国的阵亡战士的纪念日(每州不同, 一般5月30日),而Labor Day是美国的劳动节,每年9月的第一个星期一。





Crowds heckled and jostled activists, some of whom had to be taken away by police for their own safety.



Dozens of homes have been damaged or destroyed.


今天读Nature Feb.20,2008中:

A globally coordinated strategy is required to spot and stop outbreaks before they can spead across the world.




limestone cross Sulzer



The president and bride shared their father-daughter dance to the ballad You are so beautiful performed by Nashville band, the Tyrone Smith Revue, in an outdoor reception following the sunset ceremony at a 1600-acre ranch. The couple exchanged vows in front of a four-foot high limestone cross Sulzer. The 26-year-old bride wore Oscar de la Renta gown adorned with organza, beading and embroidery. Jenna's twin sister Barbara was the maid of honor. The wedding was not open to the press. However, the White House says it may issue a photo of the event later today. The couple met during president Bush's 2004 reelection campaign. The 30-year-old Hager is a native of Richardman, Virginia and the son of prominent Virginia Republican John Hager. For NPR News, I am Michael Hagerty in Waco, Texas.



您好,那个其实是cross altar。点击请看NPR每日小讲座,首席顾问LULU已经解答了您的疑惑


背景中是不是a four-foot high limestone cross Sulzer?

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