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[BBC] 【整理】BBC 2009-03-24

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The value of shares on Wall Street has soared after the American government announced details of its plan to revive the banking system. The Dow Jones Index closed up almost 7%, its biggest one day rise in nearly five months. President Obama has said hes very confident the bank rescue plan will succeed. Greg Wood reports from New York.

在美国政府公布了其复苏金融体系方案的细节后,华尔街股指飙升。 道琼斯工业指数收盘时增长将近七个百分点,创五个月以来的单日最大涨幅。总统奥巴马表示他对银行救助计划的成功非常有信心。


Previous government plans to relieve the banks of the mortgage-back securities and non-performing home loans which are wearing them down have met with the contemptuous response from Wall Street. But this time it was different. And bank shares leaped on the belief that the latest scheme might actually work to relieve their burden. It calls for the government and private investors to put up equal sums of money to create funds to buy the toxic assets from the banks. These funds would also be able to borrow more money from the government at low rates to increase their purchasing power.



The World Trade Organization has said they expect the volume of world trade to fall by 9% this year, its biggest contraction since Second World War. But in a new report the WTO urge governments to refrain from further protectionist measures, saying this would hamper economic recovery. Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva.



As recently as January the International Monetary Fund predicted a global trade reduction 0f just 2.8%. Now the World Trade Organization says the outlook is in fact far worse. Developed countries will bear the brunt of the dropping demand. Their exports are expected to fall by 10%, with the WTO acknowledges a consequent rise in unemployment .



A suicide bomber has struck at a funeral in Iraq, killing at least 25 people, nearly 50 people were wounded. Hugh Sykes reports.



The suicide bomber exploded his device in a dense crowd of mourners in a funeral tent in the town of Jalula, 115 kilometers northeast to Baghdad. They were attending the funeral of the father of Karim Khudadat, an official in the Kurdish committee party which is part of the political block that led by the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani. Its likely that Mr. Khudadat was the target.

袭击发生在距离巴格达东北115公里的城的Jalula城,在一个为葬礼搭建的帐篷内,恐怖分子在密集的哀悼者人群中引发了身上的爆炸装置。遭受袭击的人们都是来咱家Karim Khudadat父亲的葬礼的,Karim Khudadat是库尔德党委员会的一名官员。该委员会是伊拉克总统Jalal Talabani所领导的政治团体的一部分。很有可能Khudadat就是此次袭击的目标。


Al-Qaeda in Iraq amounted to dozens of suicide bomb attacks in Diarra province. Most of them since the organization was driven out of areas west to Baghdad where local people formed the awakening movement, a coalition of Sunni tribes which joined forces with the Americans to fight al-Qaeda.



The Mexican authorities have offered a reward of up to two million dollars each for information leading to the arrest of the 24 most wanted leaders of Mexican drug gangs. Among there on the list, published by the office of the Attorney General is Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known as El Chapo recently became the first suspect of Mexican drug cartel leader to be included in the list of the worlds richest billionaires by the American magazine Forbes.

墨西哥官方开始对24名墨西哥毒贩团伙的首脑人物进行通缉,提供的情报只要能抓获其中一人,政府将奖赏情报提供者2百万美金。首席检察官办公室公布的24个人名单中包括Joaquín Guzmán Loera,也就是El Chapo,最近成为墨西哥贩毒集团首脑的首要嫌疑犯,他在美国福布斯杂志评选的世界最富有的亿万富翁中,榜上有名。


 Youre listening to the latest world news from the BBC.


The Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the terrorist crime the killing of the deputy head of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Lebanon Kamal Medhat. Mr. Medhat, a member of the Fatah political faction and three of his body guards were killed by a roadside bomb as they were leaving the Mieh Mieh refugee camp in southern Lebanon.


A Nobel Peace Prize committee says they wont participate in a peace conference in South Africa unless the country reconsiders its decision not to allow the Dalai Lama to attend. The government has said the time isnt right for the visit because it will distract from the issues of the conference on using football to fight racism. A presidential spokesman denied that China has exerted any pressure.


Scientists in United States say theres new evidence for the concept of cold nuclear fusion ahead to theoretical process, the promises of a cheap and abundance source of energy. Matt Mcgrath has more.


There was a great deal of scientific excitement in March, 1989 when researchers first declared theyve produced nuclear energy using simple laboratory equipment. The hopes of endless cheap power supplies were short lived as other scientists failed to reproduce atom-stemmed cold fusion. Some experts refused to give up on the idea that imitated the energy source of the sun at room temperatures. Now at a meeting of the American chemical society in Utah, researchers say they have the first clear visual evidence that the process of cold fusion can produce highly energetic neutrons. Particles that suggests that new nuclear reactions are occurring.


The American cyclist in 7 times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has broken his collarbone in a crash during a race in Spain. He was taken to hospital after a pileup and said that if he needs surgery this could scalpel his chances of competing in the Tour de France in July. Armstrong , whos 37 , returned to competitive cycling earlier this year ,three years after saying hed retired from the sport.


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